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Who are we?

Constantly striving for creative solutions to business needs

App Embark works with businesses and associations all around the country. From small businesses to large associations, App Embark has provided the technology necessary for their clients to thrive in a mobile environment. App Embark was created for the sole purpose of providing associations and small businesses an affordable way to have an app developed.

App Embark provides an affordable solution for businesses and associations to have their own unique app developed and published for use on both Android and iOS devices. App Embark designs and develops the entire app for your organization and publishes it for you. App Embark also provides you with an easy to use dashboard that allows you to update your own app in real time, with no updating from the app store required. App Embark will help your organization increase your annual revenue in many different ways, from saving you money on printing costs, increasing your event registrations, and enabling you to sell app sponsorships. Click the “schedule demo” button below to see our platform in action!

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